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Randy Bailey

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, MA
Human Development, BA
Telemental Health Provider

 I utilize a holistic approach to mental health; addressing emotional, physical, and

spiritual well-being, while generating

momentum towards transcendence


1050 S. Flower St 

Los Angeles, Ca. 90015

Neighborhood Counseling Center


(818) 339-8023






I came to Randy when I saw his ad in Psychology Today. This past year I'd gone through so many life-changes I felt lost. I sold my home, I was struggling with a new business that was having trouble launching, and my 21-year-old son moved out into his first apartment, leaving me with empty nest syndrome. When I met Randy at Neighborhood counseling, I immediately felt at ease with him. He understood my loneliness, fear, and trepidation about what the future may hold. He helped me see my situation as an exciting opportunity to grow, to learn, to reinvent myself. My fear turned into an eagerness to allow things to unfold without worry. I appreciate his approach to therapy beyond words. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you, Randy, for helping me with this transformation.  GL  2/2019

I am very grateful to Randy for all his help. He has a wonderful energy and gift to help people. Thank you!

NY 6/2019


I am very grateful to Randy for all his help. He has wonderful energy and a gift to help people. Thank you! AC  4/2019

I worked with Randy twice a week for eight months and he was amazing.  He has a knack of getting to the root of issues and creating real-time solutions.  I brought my mom in with me for a couple of mom/son sessions and she was blown away by his ability to see things clearly and how to work on the issue(s).  I'm in my 40's, and it's great to have a man as wise as Randy in my corner.  I would highly recommend Randy to anyone who is looking for someone to help improve their life.  Thank you, Randy, and I look forward to working with you more in the future. JW 5/2020

I have been seeing Randy diligently for about two years now and not sure where I would be without him. Actually, I do know where I would be, and it wouldn't be here. I am in a healthy, fun and loving relationship with a woman (which I wouldn't have been if it wasn't for Randy), I would still be butting heads (to put it mildly) with my mother and I would be frozen around my work life. Randy really listens, is very caring and was able to see my blind spots and walk me through them. I would strongly recommend Randy to anyone who seeks help and improvement in their life. He helped change my life in a very profound way and is still doing so. J  6/21 


I owe Randy everything. I came to him with crippling depression, horrible anxiety and constant suicidal thoughts. I was having depressive episodes that would last months even years, and with his therapy, my episodes last 3 days to 1 week at most. Thank you Randy  Liegh R. 12/2020

I’m a firm believer in “giving people their flowers while they can smell them” and I just wanted to let you know that I thank God for your presence on this earth. My iPhone reminded me that 1 year ago, I was at Disneyland with my family going through the beginning of the end of my marriage. It reminded me that about 1 year ago, you came into my life to help me on this monumental journey. I know you are “just doing your job”, but what a gift you have to really listen, to empathize, to help your patients (or at least me) feel validated, heard, seen… to give us hope, and tools to help carry on our toughest days. You help make the hurt less painful by putting the situation in perspective. You have a gift of making the mess make sense while providing insightful advice to implement into our daily practice to help deal with the messiness of being human, and thus helping me heal and move forward. Thank you! I hope you know how gifted and special you are! God bless you!  DR

2023 to present


I reach out to you with heart filled and with gratitude for your invaluable support. I don’t know if I would be where I am right now, if not for our sessions. You were my island in the middle of my storm.  MM-Reiki/Energy Healer  12/2021

I am very grateful to Randy for all his help. He has wonderful energy and a gift to help people. Thank you! AC  11/2021

Good sessions! More than anything I need to be able to learn new ways to talk to my son.  Anything you can teach me to say is good.  I got the blue tape out of the drawer!  Role play and repeating after you work wonders for my integrating a new way of talking to my kids. Thank you!  KS  3/2022

We wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated all you've done for us, and all of the time you've taken in order to help us on our journey. Because of you we have been given the skills and the means with which to pursue a quality of life that neither of us had really known before. Our new understanding of boundaries has helped largely to improve our relationships leaps and bounds since our first session with you. We are grateful for the skills and tools with which you have provided us that will continue to help us move forward and grow in this long and often confounding life.

B and C 2022 to present



1050 S. Flower St

Los Angeles, Ca. 90015

(818) 339-8023

Neighborhood Counseling Center


       Double Winners Group



                  Every Thursday
                5:15 pm - 6:30pm

            **Call First**


        Super-bill is provided

          for your insurance

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